Speech analytics for sales departments
Increase sales by 30%
Reduce the costs of staff training and quality control by 25%
Receive personal recommendations for every manager based on the analysis of communications
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When is speech analytics needed?
When the sales department does not meet the sales plan for unknown reasons
When there is no understanding why one manager sells and the other does not
When you want to increase sales, but growth points are not obvious
When 30% of the working day is spent on wiretapping and feedback to managers
How can we help you?
  • We will ensure rapid sales growth by 30% by identifying factors affecting the success
  • We will reduce the time for listening and evaluation of calls
    by 5 times
  • We will give personal recommendations to every manager based
    on the analysis of his communications
1. The communications stream
Filter and evaluate calls in real time
4. Personal recommendations
Get individual advanced training plans for each specialist based on Sales management center analysis
3. Analytical report
Use statistics to identify problems in sales and test hypotheses

2. Dashboard
Track in the dynamics the quality of the work of each specialist, respond to deviations from the plan.

Tune effective sales
with the help of a solution from the SMC
Sales Management Center - Integrator of communication technologies
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About us
Mikhail Mukhin
Founder and CEO of the company SMC

Together with us tune communications
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